Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Harry Is In The House!!!

Theodore M. Bear reporting on the exciting news in our home!

Big Harry's mom, Patty, said that she was moving into a smaller house. She knew that Harry would need lots of room to roam and play and run and was very concerned about him. Now our house is not that big but we decided that we have just enough room to adopt Big Harry.

Patty was so good about packing Harry with plenty of honey and other supplies for the journey. He had a marvelous time flying from Texas to California. When he was brought out of his traveling box, he saw all the bears looking at him. He was a bit nervous at first. In seconds, they all started cheering and greeting him and hugging him and welcoming him to his new home!! I think I saw a tear or two from Harry as they all were jumping up and down with excitement. He smiled the biggest grin, climbed out of his box and hugged each and every bear, hare and assorted other friends. By the time he was done, it was dinner time.

Everyone wanted Harry to sit next to them at the table. You can see below how they all piled on top of him (even I'm right there with him right in the front.) I told them all that Harry needed a bit of a break to relax from his long trip here. They understood perfectly, of course. Harry told everyone a bit about himself and how much he missed Patty in Texas but how happy she'd be knowing he was so loved by so many bearsons and Mom, Dad, Sarah and even Chloe the dog, Teddy Bear and Norah Cat. I told Harry that Mom would be sure to let Patty know that he arrived safe and sound and is very happy. In fact, he pulled me aside later in the evening to say how happy he is to be living here and how he is looking forward to many wonderful memories to come! I told him that we do holidays pretty big in our household and Mom thinks he'd be the perfect Santa Claus at Christmastime. His eyes widened and I could tell that he was already planning what presents he would give to each one of his new friends!

Still wrapped up in his travel blanket....

All free!

Harry wants to e-mail Miss Patty to let her know he's arrived safe and sound.

Oh my goodness - bear pile on Harry!

Even Teddy Bear Cat is excited about greeting Harry.

Harry has a light snack before dinner!

You can be sure that there will be many more adventures of Harry and all our friends!

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  1. A light snack before dinner...hehehehe. You are wonderful to adopt Big Harry. He looks like a gem of a guy.