Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dear Brandi ~

As Head Bear it is my deep honor to write this post to you. How in the world can we bears thank you enough for sending along your special friends to live with Miss Molly and the rest of us? My word these new friends are wonderful (and none of them are twins to ones that already live here!) It was such an amazing but very welcome surprise when they showed up on our doorstep with the kind note you sent. They fit right in with our family - from the moment they popped out of the box and jumped into our hearts! We have already promised them a delicious dinner and cozy bed to sleep in after their long trip from Texas!

Miss Molly here - Brandi, thank you so much for doing such a kind and generous thing! The note you enclosed was adorable and funny and I shall keep it always! I am truly blessed by your friendship and I thank you again for sending along your dear friends. They will be cherished ALWAYS! Hmmm? What's that Theodore? Oh, of course, let's introduce the newest members of our family!

They all popped right out as soon as the box was open! Umm bears, over here for the picture please!

There, that's much better. We can see your sweet faces now! And look at the lovely quilts that kept you cozy on your journey! Now on to the introductions....

First, we have Miss Bailey dressed in her finest ladybug outfit!

Look, she even has her special box with which to hold her ladybug friends (she'll of course let them fly away whenever they wish!)

Next, we have Bailey's dear friend Darby who also wants to meet some ladybugs! He has one on his sweater!

Let's go outside and see what we can find, Darby!

Well, no ladybugs yet but look, it's little Mr. Oliver, enjoying the afternoon sun!

And he's joined by Miss Lois S. Bearhug!

Aww...such good friends!

And here is a handsome young gentleman enjoying the company of the ladies on a fine summer day!

And in her finest green bow and dress, we have another Bailey (not the same bearson, of course!)

Ah, the joys of shade....

And who are these two adorable friends flying by to greet us? It's brothers Winkle and Dinkle B. Bumbles!

Bailey is looking in the tall grass for ladybugs.

She has her box ready to welcome any ladybug visitors who would like to talk with her.

She and Darby are looking everywhere....

Maybe these kangaroo paw plants will attract them.

Well, Bailey will keep trying and let you know how everything turns out. In the meantime, thank you Brandi once again! (((SUPERGIANTBEARHUGS))))

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Sentiments Exactly.....

...well, because I made this whole thing up! Gotta LOVE photo editing programs! Click on the picture to see it up close and personal! :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Emma Makes Pancakes!

So we decided to think outside the box - the pancake box that is, and see if we could make pancakes from a real recipe and not just "add water and stir"! With my trusty sous chef Emma, we found this recipe and got to work.

Emma first consulted with Chef Norah

She carefully read the recipe...

Then gathered her ingredients.

Sugar and spice and everything nice!

She sifted the flour....

....and it kinda went everywhere!

That's too hot for you to touch Emma. Better let me use the griddle!

Mmm...the pancakes look good!

Some fresh bluebearries (I mean blueberries) and syrup and brinner (aka breakfast for dinner) is served!

I give these two thumbs up but I don't have any thumbs!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bear in the Big Backyard

Good day! My name is Buzz and really our backyard is not that big, but when you look at little ol me....ummm yeah, it's me...down here...waaay down by your feet! Well, the backyard is big to me! Come along and see what I see!

My wish to everyone is written over my heart:

Look at these beautiful flowers!

I picked them just for YOU!

This is my friend Cow and he takes me on a ride throughout the backyard!

I love Cow!

And this is my friend Cat. She has a pretty shiny blue ball that she loves to play with!

"Give them a big smile, Cat!"

If you look really hard, you can see my reflection!

"You're a good friend, Cat!"

Umm...Mr. Ryan, you might need to mow soon!

A bear could get lost in this forrest!

We have even more tomatoes and cucumbers! If anyone has any good recipes, send them over to my mom!

Well I better go in before it gets dark! See you soon! (((BEARHUGS))) to all our friends and family!

Whittington Goes To The Beach

Miss Sarah is part of the Saint Martins Youth Group and each Wednesday they go to La Jolla Shores for a barbecue and bonfire. This past Wednesday, we were able to join the fun! Sarah brought her friend Georgette, a senior at the same high school she attends. I was the lucky bear who was invited to tag along!

Wow! Look at this beautiful sunset!

Sitting on the beach and taking it all in!

Look Mom! Can I play with this Boogie Board?

"Whittington, that's not ours and I don't think they'd appreciate a bear using their board!"

Miss Sarah and Georgette!

Now this is a silly but pretty angle!

This looks like God is shining down on the water.

We had a delicious barbecue but what I really love are Cheetos! Mom had to stop me from hogging the whole bag!

Oh yeah, how can I forget - Chloe came with us too. She's a silly dog who loves the camera!

Well I hope you enjoyed our quick trip to the beach! Stay tuned for more stories with me and all my teddy bear friends!