Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lookie who's joined our family!

So Sarah and I decided to peruse a local thrift shop. Imagine my surprise and delight when I came across this (not so) little fella!

"Please ma'am, the people here are quite nice but I'd love a real home!" he pleaded with me. I wanted to buy him but he was so very large (obviously quite well fed by his previous family) that I thought for sure he would be much more than the money I had in my purse. After all, in height alone he was over four feet! I didn't want to ask his weight as I think that can be quite rude. "My sales tag is right there" he pointed, apparently reading my mind. Oh my word! He was marked at only $9.99!! "YES!", I cried! I will be happy to bring you home!" His face lit up with joy! "A real home?" he asked. "Do you have other bears?" "Ummm...well yes, a few", I said. (wink)

"Do you have a name?" I asked. "I don't really remember, unfortunately" he said. "Well, what about Buddy? Do you like that name?" "Oh yes, that's a wonderful name!" he said. And a real Buddy, he is!

Riding to my new home!

Miss Molly and Miss Sarah are showing me the sights along the way

My new friend, Chloe!

This is something I can get used to!

This is what it says on my paw.

And here's the tag on my bottom.

Such a deal! And I think the 7-3-09 is when they first put me out on the sales floor. That means that I must have been meant for Miss Molly as I was only out for five days!

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