Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Bear In The Garden!

Hi everyone! My name is Walter Woolsey and I'd like to show you Miss Molly's garden! She's asked for my help in harvesting a few items so why don't you come along and let's see what's out there!

Look Mom! I think I see avocados that are ready for some yummy guacamole!

Yep, there's one...

And here are some more! The avocado trees were supposed to be my mom's favorite - Haas, but unfortunately the man who helped fix up our backyard got one Haas and one Fuerte. We'll make it yummy no matter what though!

Ooooh I see some tomatoes peeking through!

And look at this cucumber!

Here's a baby one! We'll watch that one grow.

Look at this batch of tomatoes!

Opps, gotta take a minute to refill the bird feeder or all my feathered friends will not be happy with me!

Mmmm...jalapeƱos! My mom's goal for the garden is to have her two most favorite foods - guacamole and salsa readily available so she has avocados, jalepenos, cilantro, limes, lemons and tomatoes. We just need to get some onions and we'll be set!

Holy zucchini Batman! This is bigger than I am! This one is only a few ounces lighter than the 3.7 pound zucchini we found in the garden a couple of weeks ago. We made this DELICIOUS zucchini cake and frosting!

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