Saturday, July 18, 2009

Whittington Goes To The Beach

Miss Sarah is part of the Saint Martins Youth Group and each Wednesday they go to La Jolla Shores for a barbecue and bonfire. This past Wednesday, we were able to join the fun! Sarah brought her friend Georgette, a senior at the same high school she attends. I was the lucky bear who was invited to tag along!

Wow! Look at this beautiful sunset!

Sitting on the beach and taking it all in!

Look Mom! Can I play with this Boogie Board?

"Whittington, that's not ours and I don't think they'd appreciate a bear using their board!"

Miss Sarah and Georgette!

Now this is a silly but pretty angle!

This looks like God is shining down on the water.

We had a delicious barbecue but what I really love are Cheetos! Mom had to stop me from hogging the whole bag!

Oh yeah, how can I forget - Chloe came with us too. She's a silly dog who loves the camera!

Well I hope you enjoyed our quick trip to the beach! Stay tuned for more stories with me and all my teddy bear friends!

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