Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please meet our newest friend, Kirby!

Theodore M. Bear here. It gives me great pride and pleasure to welcome the newest member of our family! We adopted another friend last night, Kirby B. Bear. He is soooo excited to be living with us. Now it's going to take some time to meet all the bears that live here (there are quite a few of us!) but it looks like Kirby's off to a great start!

Kirby rode home in a special box that would keep him safe.

He was a little nervous at first but leave it to Miss Emma to welcome him with open paws! friends already!

A light snack after a long trip!

As the official head of our bear family, it is my pleasure to personally welcome Kirby.

This is your new home, Kirby and we're happy to have you!

Miss Jennifer welcomes Kirby with a paw bump!

He even met our resident cats, Norah....

...and Teddy Bear Cat.

Our largest friend, Buddy said Kirby could sit with him any time he'd like!

And Mr. Dickens is always such a friend!

What's that Kirby? You'd like to share a few words? Well of course!

I really think I'm going to love it here and I look forward to sharing my adventures with YOU!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Back To School Time, Bears!

Well, summer is official over for the bear children in our home. Off to school! As you can see, young and older bears alike join together to receive their education.

We actually have two teachers - Miss Macintosh and Charlotte B. Beezley, which is good because we have so many students!

Everyone seems to have their eyes on the board!

Kira is the lucky one who gets the desk today (budget cuts and all, you know!)

Have you seen a more eager student than Kendall B. Learnin'?

Ummm... Kira is a little distracted by the paparazzi!

Gala Applesmith is paying close attention to the lesson.

Bailey has brought in her ladybug for show and tell.

All the moms have lined up outside the classroom to drop their children off.

Momma Bearsworth always makes sure that Mary-Margaret and Stuart look their beary best!

Little Miss Abigail Bramblebeary is not ready to leave her mom yet. Maybe next year!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Norwood Mouse Family & Their New Kitchen

The Norwood Family simply needed a new kitchen. The appliances were old and dated. So we went to Geppetto's and bought them a whole new kitchen.

Colby and Nibbles enjoying a snack.

Mother Brie is making lunch.

Father Chester is making some toast.

Such a nice kitchen.

And a well stocked refrigerator.

Nibbles reaching up to the chair...

And she made it!

Doesn't the food look yummy?

Some cheese for lunch

And of course, always dishes to be done!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A new obsession....

Oh my stars - ain't these the cutest things??

They're called Calico Critters or Sylvanian Family. I have friends who post pictures of them on my Flickr site and I have fallen in love with them. The only thing better will be when I get my new macro lens (someday) so I can take nice close up shots. But don't worry - teddy bears will always be my love!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Trip To Disneyland!

Hi everyone! My name is Benjamin Franklin Neal Bear and I had the privilege of accompanying my mom Molly and her dear family to Disneyland to celebrate her 43rd birthday (don't worry - she said I could say how old she is!) We had such a fabulous time! Molly took about 240 pictures but don't worry, they're not all here! :-) She did post some more on her other blog so your welcome to take a gander. The ones here are pretty much from my perspective, since I had never been to Disneyland before. Let me tell you - I want to go back!!!

We had a lovely day - not too hot and not too crowded, if you can believe that! We started our day with a 1.5 hour drive (and no traffic either!)

We stopped at our hotel first to drop off our car. Here is my friend Snoopy. He's encouraging people to visit Camp Snoopy at Knott's Beary, I mean Knott's Berry Farm! Maybe our next trip, Snoopers!

This is a statue of the head honcho of Disneyland. I really hope I get to meet him!

Since it was my mom's birthday, she got into Disneyland for free. They're letting people in for free on their birthday throughout 2009. They gave my mom a cool button that says "Happy Birthday Molly" and the staff and visitors throughout the park wished her a "happy birthday" all day! This is the cool ticket she received too.

Here I am at the entrance. Above me is the Disneyland Railroad Depot at Main Street.

We rode down Main Street in a double-decker bus! It was so fun to see everything from way up high!

Look at all those people!

My mom's tradition is to stop by the Nestle Tollhouse Bakery on Main Street for an iced mocha and two chocolate chip cookies without nuts (the first cookie is snacked on throughout the day and the second is saved for the next day....well until Mr. Ryan decided to eat the cookie! But that's okay, she doesn't mind sharing!)

Look at these fun Mickey Mouse cookies!

And the Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy treat - my that fella is everywhere!

We stopped by the Penny Arcade. I wanted to see an old fashioned movie!

Here is Molly and her beautiful daughter Sarah!

Our first ride was the Matterhorn! They had to post a warning about it. Should I be afraid??

We're getting ready to ride the bobsleds. I hear that there's an Abominable Snowman who lives inside the mountain. I'll just keep my eyes shut!

Whew! Here I am and I MADE IT through the Matterhorn! Now we're off to a much more calm and fun ride - "It's a Small World"!

Here I am in the boat waiting to go in.

That's the clock tower for "It's A Small World".

Here I am looking at all the wonderful scenes inside. The song is fun to sing too!

Next we went on "Storybook Land" canal boats. I am a little bit nervous about going through Monstro's tummy!

Yay, we made it through to the other side! Everything in Storybook Land is miniature - well, except for the ducks that live there!

Here's the home of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Their names are on the sign out front.

Here's the magical land of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.

Next Mr. Ryan and Miss Sarah rode the "Alice in Wonderland Tea Cups". My mom does not like that ride as being dizzy is not her idea of fun. I decided to go along to see what I thought. Whoops! I almost fell out!

Here I am riding with Ryan and Sarah - it's not so bad and it's kinda fun to go in circles!

Mr. Toad graciously allowed Molly and I to sit in his special automobile!

Here's my beautiful family in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle! I think that owl behind us is watching over us.

And my word - here's Cinderella's fairy godmother! How kind of her to pose for us. Heaven knows she must have so much to do!

Next we went on one of my mom's favorite rides - the Jungle Cruise. The pilots of the boats are so silly! They always have the funniest jokes to tell.

I thought I'd try on Indiana Jones' hat. I think I look pretty cool!

Finally - lunch! We went to the Mexican restaurant in Frontierland. The food is so yummy!

And the soda is so refreshing!

Yummy rice!

Next we rode the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Just in case - it's always good to be near the life preserver!

Here is am resting after our boat ride.

Our next ride was another roller coaster - our family's favorite - Big Thunder Railroad. Here I am getting all settled in.

Molly and Sarah are in front and Ryan and I are in the back.

I think it's safer for me to ride here. This one goes really fast!

Next we went in the Haunted Mansion. This is how I was most of the time!

From scary to fun - we took a tour of the land of Winnie The Pooh

Afterward, we checked out the candy store...

And there was Pooh rather himselves....

I decided to mail a postcard to my bear friends back home.

Here we are with the big guy himself! Us bears really do bring a lot of joy to the world!

Oh my stars - look at all this honey! I don't think I'm going to leave here for the rest of the day!

But then Tigger called and asked if we could all take a picture with him. Who can resist that face?

And Rabbit too! WOW the gang was all right there!

This feller looked like he could use a snuggle!

Here I am celebrating Molly's birthday with her. That's her mom-in-love, Kathy with them. She was kind enough to book a hotel room for us so we could stay really late at Disneyland! She's so very wonderful!!

Next we went to "Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters". Our mission was to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg.

Hey we did get a pretty high score so I guess our mission was accomplished!

Here we are waiting to drive our very own car in Autopia!

Because I wasn't tall enough, I had to ride with Molly and Sarah. I was okay with that because I couldn't even see over the steering wheel!

Here's my driver's license!!

I received an important call from my bear friends at home. They wanted to find out how I was doing and to let me know they missed me!

Oh my goodness - this job looks right up my alley! The commute would be pretty rough every day though.

This fella wanted to say goodnight to me. He thanked me for visiting and told me that I'm welcome back anytime! You can bet we'll be back!

Ah the hotel room bed! I'm exhasted! I'll see you soon!