Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The New Corvette Diner!

Today, our esteemed reporter is.....Oliver the Rabbit! Ummm...where are you Oliver??

"Down here...waaay down here! Hi!"

Ah there you are! You are a small rabbit, aren't you! But largely adorable, that's for sure!

Our family's adventure today takes us to a local favorite, the Corvette Diner! It's a fun 50s style diner with a crazy waitstaff (they throw straws and gum and napkins at you!) who perform fun dances right in the aisles in front of you! It used to be located in another part of San Diego but they just moved to Point Loma in an area called "Liberty Station". This property used to be the "Naval Training Center" where thousands and thousands of military traveled through. My mom said the place still gives her goosebumps and brings tears to her eyes as she thinks about all of our amazing military members! You can click on the link above and then the history tab to learn more. Well, the military decided they didn't need the space any more (luckily we still have the Marine Corp Recruit Depot, North Island Naval Air Station, 32nd Street Naval Station and Miramar Naval Air Station so San Diego is still Navy proud!) The area was redeveloped in quite a lovely way, especially as it borders the San Diego Bay and is located a mile or two away from the end of the runway for Lindburgh Field International Airport. Since parking and space was at a premium in their old location, the Corvette Diner decided to move here and we think it's a great idea!

We went down for lunch and we weren't disappointed. The old diner is back and even better than before!

The whole place has so much neon lighting that it seems to glow!

Above the tables, they have TVs built into the wall and a video loop of all the great 50s shows and movies and concerts, like Elvis, "Ozzie and Harriet", Buddy Holly, "The Andy Griffith Show", "I Love Lucy"....

and "To Catch A Thief" one of my mom's favorite movies - she LOVES Grace Kelly and Cary Grant too.

Sarah ordered the Philly!

Ryan chose the Sloppy Joes - quite sloppy indeed!

And Molly ordered the veggie burger. Can you see me behind the pile o' food?

Here I am!

They even gave me a flag for my very own!

Oh my stars! What is that coming our way???

WOW! That's a HUGE banana split!! That's a pint of strawBEARY ice cream alone!

Maybe I should just have a cherry....

NAH! I got my spoon and I'm ready to dive in!

Gotta drink some water after alllll that ice cream! Whew!

Uggg....I can't move!

As we were crawling out of our booth, mom saw this's very cute!

This is the view outside the window. Such a lovely place!

Well, I found a bit of strength to go place some skeeball!

Lookie! One of our favorites from the Food Network, Guy Fieri came by! (Please forgive the neon I said before the place practically glows!)

It's funny because they've kept the buildings pretty much looking as they were when they housed the Navy. Hard to believe that Navy personnel barracked in a place that would someday become the Corvette Diner!

This is the view a few feet away from the entrance.

Mom had to pull over and take this picture! The flag is so beautiful against the gorgeous blue sky!

That about covers it! Thank you everybunny for joining us!

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