Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please meet our newest friend, Kirby!

Theodore M. Bear here. It gives me great pride and pleasure to welcome the newest member of our family! We adopted another friend last night, Kirby B. Bear. He is soooo excited to be living with us. Now it's going to take some time to meet all the bears that live here (there are quite a few of us!) but it looks like Kirby's off to a great start!

Kirby rode home in a special box that would keep him safe.

He was a little nervous at first but leave it to Miss Emma to welcome him with open paws! friends already!

A light snack after a long trip!

As the official head of our bear family, it is my pleasure to personally welcome Kirby.

This is your new home, Kirby and we're happy to have you!

Miss Jennifer welcomes Kirby with a paw bump!

He even met our resident cats, Norah....

...and Teddy Bear Cat.

Our largest friend, Buddy said Kirby could sit with him any time he'd like!

And Mr. Dickens is always such a friend!

What's that Kirby? You'd like to share a few words? Well of course!

I really think I'm going to love it here and I look forward to sharing my adventures with YOU!

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  1. Hi Molly, I love your collection of bears! I have quite a few bears myself and am a lover of Boyd's bears. Such great faces. Just wanted to say that I am enjoying your blog.