Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Back To School Time, Bears!

Well, summer is official over for the bear children in our home. Off to school! As you can see, young and older bears alike join together to receive their education.

We actually have two teachers - Miss Macintosh and Charlotte B. Beezley, which is good because we have so many students!

Everyone seems to have their eyes on the board!

Kira is the lucky one who gets the desk today (budget cuts and all, you know!)

Have you seen a more eager student than Kendall B. Learnin'?

Ummm... Kira is a little distracted by the paparazzi!

Gala Applesmith is paying close attention to the lesson.

Bailey has brought in her ladybug for show and tell.

All the moms have lined up outside the classroom to drop their children off.

Momma Bearsworth always makes sure that Mary-Margaret and Stuart look their beary best!

Little Miss Abigail Bramblebeary is not ready to leave her mom yet. Maybe next year!

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