Sunday, August 2, 2009

Teddy Bear Show - August 2009!

Homer Bear reporting in!

I just came home from a WONDERFUL day at the "Dolls4All" Doll and Bear show (though in my humble opinion it should be "Bear and Doll" but I digress!

It was held in Mission Valley at the Sheraton Hotel. Molly, Ryan, Sarah and Ryan's parents came with me and there we met up with Molly's FOBs (Friends of Boyds) Janis and Krys and their lovely families!

The ladies sure loved to see all the bears and a few even came home with me! I'd like to introduce the newest members of our family!

This is an artist bear, though sadly we don't know which artist - anyone? Anyone? If you know, please give me a holler! But isn't she beautiful? The pictures do not do her justice! She's so soft and her fur is lovely. We've decided to call her Rose as she has these lovely roses on her and well, a girl's gotta have a name!

This next young gentleman was quite a rescue story! Miss Molly had been through the hall several times and was getting ready to leave. She decided to make one more loop through and saw a big container with bears. She looked down further and found this sweet boy all the way at the bottom of the box! Well, that's no place for a bear to live, that's for sure! So she rescued him and brought him into our home! His name is Harry and he is sooo happy to be here!

As you can see, Rose and Harry now fast friends and have even met Cow!

Each person (sadly not bears!) was given a ticket to enter a drawing. Ryan was busy so Molly filled it out on his behalf. Later, as Molly was walking past the ticket table, she looked down and recognized her handwriting. It was on the ticket that she had filled out for Ryan! She asked the kind gentleman what the ticket meant and he said we won a doll and could pick out one from the three on the table. Let me tell you, it was quite difficult! Molly called all her family over to help with the choice. We ended up choosing this beautiful lady! Her name is Sydney and she's a Tyler Wentworth doll! She is simply stunning with pearl earrings and a pearl necklace (naturally!) Molly said she reminds her of Grace Kelly!

The last thing Molly bought may not show up well on this blog. It's a really fun hologram type postcard. If you come over to my house, I'll be happy to show it to you. It's really neat!

As if all this wasn't enough, the three families went to one of Molly's favorite restaurants, Mama Testa! This is the one owned by Cesar Gonzalez who beat Bobby Flay on a Throwdown on the Food Network! We came as a big group (13 plus me, though I only shared one of Molly's tacos!) I think everyone enjoyed the food!

Well it's been a long day and it's way past my bedtime. Stay tuned for more stories from me and all my friends!

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