Monday, August 3, 2009

A Bear Goes Bowling!

This is Lancelot Bear reporting in. Today is Molly's first day of vacation and she and her family decided to bowl a couple of games! Now out of respect for the other bowlers, Molly did not use her flash indoors. Some of the pictures are not the bestest in her opinion but I LOVE them because they're my favorite subject - me and my family!

The first thing we had to do is get the right size shoes. As you can see, I needed to find a smaller size!

Next, we decided to get some lunch. Ahh...nothing like bowling alley food! ;-) Umm...waitress, may I place my order?

Love my Diet Pepsi!

Mmmmmm.grilled cheese.....

and french fries!

Watch out Mr. Ryan, I may steal your fries!

Next, we need to add our names to the monitor.


Hey, that's me!

Now to find the right ball. Good weight is important but pretty color is a big concern too!

Stretch those arms and get ready to play!

Woohoo! Yay Sarah!!

Oh wow! Molly just got a strike!

Yay Molly!!

We're the cheer squad!

Well, we played two games and won't say who won but I think we all won because we were having fun and making memories as a family!

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