Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alexander Goes To The Zoo!

Hello! My name is Alexander Bearington and I will be your official guide for our trip to the World Famous San Diego Zoo! Now Molly posted a lot of pictures (and took even more!) but the day was so much fun that we didn't want to leave anything out. Some of the pictures are much better if you click on them to enlarge. While it was an extremely hot day, the sky was so blue and full of puffy clouds! So here we go!

You can bearly see me in front of this welcoming sign...

This is where we buy tickets....

...oh that's right - we're members so I already have my card!

This is a picture of me with a koala. Well, not a real one. They were being stinkers and had their backs turned most of the time. We're blessed that we go to the Zoo quite often so we have some fun close up shots of them already.

This is just the thing a bear needs after walking long distances!

Here I am at one of our favorite exhibits - the penny smasher! :-)

Just gotta twist it around...

And wait for the penny to drop down!

Here are the camels. My mom thinks the camel's hump sagging is a funny thing. She said that happens to all of us after a certain age! :-)

It was quite hot at the Zoo and this meerkat had the best idea of all. Spread out and don't move!

We didn't get a good picture of this bird but my mom thought that the name was way too cute! He was quite vocal and we found out why he's named this!

I'm peeking in to see....

Camp Timbuktu! This is where people can spend the night at the Zoo. Sarah's a volunteer at the Zoo so she'll be doing this soon though it will be more work for her than fun but I'm sure she'll still have a blast.

This is the entrance to the brand new Elephant Odyssey!

I'm playing on a tractor!

Here, I look just like Carl the construction worker!

The pole I'm sitting on is texturized to feel just like an elephant's skin.

Ahhh llamas!

Look at the elephant play!

This seems to be the theme of our day - animal behinds!

Molly says this looks like Buckbeak from Harry Potter but Sarah said he's the artist's idea of what a prehistoric bird might look like.

I love this picture - it's half an elephant - but hey, no behind! :-)

Here I am with the elephant - well he's a bit farther away but....

This little guy is rolling in the dust to keep cool.

This picture is more lovely if you click on it. The sky, clouds and elephants look so nice together.

This is a sleeping lion! He was only separated by a (hopefully) thick pane of glass! WoW!

And here's a lioness! Look at how big her feet are!

This is all we could see of the polar bear - once again, his bottom!

The San Diego Zoo borders the 163 freeway. The bridge above is part of our beautiful Balboa Park!

Again, zebra behinds! :-)

This is another Balboa Park landmark - the Museum of Man clocktower.

These are lovingly referred to as buckets in our family. Unfortunately, Ryan who hates heights calls them "no way Jose!"

Here's a lovely pond full of exotic birds and....

....freeloading ducks! There are dozens of ducks and who can blame them? Fresh food, nice water, shady trees. All the better to have babies!

This is Hippo Beach and there's a giant sandcast hippo at the entrance.

Let's take the Hippo Trail:

Introducing Funani!

Aww...isn't she sweet!

Again, hippo behind!

Even though she looks like she's innocent and smiling, she's one of the most dangerous animals around!

Time for a break on this very, very warm day!

My friend has been an ambassador to the Zoo since Molly was a little girl!

Whew! I'm exhausted!

Now some cool treats to end the day!

Mmm...iced mocha with a fun Zoo straw! I hope you had fun visiting the Zoo with me!

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