Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A New Friend .... With a Pedigree! :-)

Kirby Bear reporting in here. Today, Mom heard a knock at the door. Whoever could that be? Why, it was our letter carrier dropping off a box. curiosity arose. What or WHO could be inside?

Look at this box...
Mom, I've got the scissors! Ummm...maybe I should take over, Kirby, mom said....
Why, it's a little brown suitcase with travel and bear stickers on it! I wonder if there's something inside?
Oh my gosh!! There's a bear inside! And from the looks of things, he's been traveling for quite a while!

Come on out little feller!

He's tied to the suitcase. Mom! I need the scissors again!
Thank you so much for releasing me! My name is Fynn and I'm a Steiff Bear! 
I'm Kirby and I'd like to welcome you to our family!
There are a lot of bears here who would love to meet you, Fynn! Oh and there are a couple of cats too, like Teddy Bear here....

I know I will love it here!

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