Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bear in the Big Backyard

Good day! My name is Buzz and really our backyard is not that big, but when you look at little ol me....ummm yeah, it's me...down here...waaay down by your feet! Well, the backyard is big to me! Come along and see what I see!

My wish to everyone is written over my heart:

Look at these beautiful flowers!

I picked them just for YOU!

This is my friend Cow and he takes me on a ride throughout the backyard!

I love Cow!

And this is my friend Cat. She has a pretty shiny blue ball that she loves to play with!

"Give them a big smile, Cat!"

If you look really hard, you can see my reflection!

"You're a good friend, Cat!"

Umm...Mr. Ryan, you might need to mow soon!

A bear could get lost in this forrest!

We have even more tomatoes and cucumbers! If anyone has any good recipes, send them over to my mom!

Well I better go in before it gets dark! See you soon! (((BEARHUGS))) to all our friends and family!

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