Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scenes From Halloween 2009

Hi I'm Kirby Bear and this is my friend Beatrice Bunny. This is our very firstest Halloween so we have so much to learn about all the fun and festivities!

Here is our family's pumpkin that we bought at Bates Nut Farm with our family. Beatrice thinks it's still alive so she's listening for a heartbeat. Silly ol' bunny!

Time to haul this baby inside!

Look at how hard we're working!

Up on the table and here we go!

It's a full moon tonight and that seems appropriate for the night before Halloween.

Here's Miss Sarah outlining the face that she's going to carve.

Grandpa's getting into the design too!

I'm watching over their shoulders to make sure that I don't miss a thing.

One more review of the design and here we go!

Well look who stopped by - Lancelot! He said that he's an expert pumpkin carver and he happily shared his thoughts with Mr. Ryan.

Yes! I believe that's exactly what you need to do Mr. Ryan!

Okay hold it steady...the first cut has to be just right....

And in Sarah goes! Now Lancelot's a bit squemish with the knife so he's going to wait until it's all done.

Oh my stars! Look at all the pumpkin guts that they're getting out of it! Miss Sarah made a baby pumpkin out of the carvings.


Here's what it looks like with the lights on....

...and here's what it looks like without the lights!

Miss Molly says that it looks like Jack Skellington, from the Nightmare Before Christmas (one of her favorite movies!)

We're sitting in the front window waving to passersby!

Kirby and Beatrice want to get their picture taken with the pumpkin too!

Well! I went ahead and counted every single piece of candy that we'll be giving out for Halloween! I hope we have enough.

Lancelot and Beatrice counted with me (though I think they snuck a piece or two..or three for themselves!)

Miss Beatrice looks like a treat in the trick or treat container.

Lancelot fits perfectly in the "Great Pumpkin" bag.

We are all ready to hand out treats tonight!

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