Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Trip To Julian, CA!

We are blessed to have Julian, a mountain town about a one-hour drive from the city of San Diego. It offers a bit of country life, quaint shops, often cooler temperatures, falling leaves and delicious food, especially apple pie! Kinder was the lucky bear who was able to accompany the family on this wonderful trip! I'll let him take over as narrator!

Here I am anxiously waiting for someone to buckle me in.

I rode in the back with Sarah and her friend Danielle. Aren't they pretty girls?

Upon our arrival, we stopped at the Julian Cider Mill. They have a ton of local honey to choose from. I wanted to buy a smackeral of all of them but Mom said we should stick with a couple. We bought some blackbeary here and some wild hucklebeary at another store (hey is it my fault that there are berrs or bears in honey sometimes??)

I was stuck to this whole display of honey items! :-)

Of course honey is nature's perfect food!

We next went into a store with my mom's most favorite words - "Boyds Bears On Sale"!! 40% off! Mom was so excited and spent a few minutes picking out some friends to adopt. Here's who came home with us:

Jean T. Bearsley, who will join the rest of her family who already live here for the holidays:

Alden Harvestbeary with Giblet who happily joins his wife Mrs. Sarah Harvestbeary!

And Mr. Rutherford Bear, a very distinguished and handsome gentlebear!

We walked past the Julian Drug Store and Soda Fountain. Inside, they have a giant "Bob's Big Boy" statue. My mom is so excited because after a long absence from San Diego, Bob is coming back! They're opening one in Parkway Plaza in a few months. She has such fond memories of going to this restaurant when she was a little girl.

Downstairs, this store has a room full of candy for sale. My mom thought this was a funny sign - can you see the little duck hanging off to the left? :-)

I kinda fell into a barrel of taffy!

This lollipop is almost as big as me!

I met a new friend! At first he seemed a bit shy but then he said we could take his picture!

One of the stores had their windows full of Christmas scenes.

My mom LOVES Eeyore so we made sure that he was in the picture!

After walking around a bit, we decided to have lunch at the Julian Cafe. The food is so very, very good and they give you huge portions! It's the ultimate in homemade comfort foods!

The menu is so big that it's really hard to make a choice. You can't go wrong with anything here though. And if that wasn't enough to make you come here, the owners are Christians and they have Scriptures all over the menu and restaurant!

Bears seem to love Julian because I met another one just outside of the Julian Deli. He loves warming himself in the sun.

Our next stop is my mom's favorite place - the Julian Pie Company! They have absolutely DELICIOUS pies and pastries! My mom's favorite things are their apple cider donuts and cookies called "Apple Memories" which are made out of leftover pie crusts.

If you look here, you can see a video that the Food Network made about the Julian Pie Company!

Mmmm...choices, choices! We decided to buy a Dutch Apple pie to bring to Grandma and Grandpa's for Thanksgiving dinner.

This one is my mom's favorites but we decided to stick with the traditional apple this time.

Don't the cookies look yummy?

Hmmm...can I have one of each one, please?

We went outside to enjoy our treats. There was a big rocking chair just waiting for me!

Miss Sarah and Miss Danielle decided on cinnamon ice cream. They let me have a taste and it was so good, even though it was quite cold and windy!

Hmmm...I wonder what's going on next door? Well, I really shouldn't be so nosy so back to the treats.

And the biggest treat is me! :-) Pies, cookies and bear - oh my!

Here's the bag with the Apple Memories Cookies inside!

I got my very own - and had cinnamon sugar all over me the rest of the day!

After we had our dessert we headed back down the mountain. I hope you enjoyed our trip to the beautiful town of Julian!

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