Friday, November 20, 2009

Welcome Home Kinder!

Theodore M. Bear reporting in from BNN (Bear News Network):

Once again, my mom's heart was captured by a bear lovingly created by our friend Christy of The Craggy Moor Store. Mom saw Mr. Kinder on Christy's Web site and she just knew she had to adopt him. So Christy bought Kinder a first class ticket on USPS Airlines and off he went. He arrived by taxi at our house today and he immediately was welcomed into his new home!

Miss Christy made sure that Kinder had a lovely sleeping bag to keep him warm and toasty on his flight....

I untied the drawstrings and out he popped!

"Hello there! I'm Kinder!" he said in the brightest and happiest voice.

Teddy the Cat immediately came over and gave him sniffs and kisses.

Kinder gave Teddy a big hug in return!

He was so happy to be in his new home that he stood on his head!

That's one happy face, don't you think?

Teddy invited Kinder over to watch a bit of television.

Imagine Kinder's joy and surprise when his little sister Betsy ran into the room and gave him a big hug! Betsy was adopted by Molly about a month ago. Kinder told Betsy all about what had been going on back in Ohio with Miss Christy and the family. Betsy took Kinder out to meet all his new relatives (and there are quite a few!)

Norah the Cat also came over to introduce herself. Kinder said she has the softest fur he'd ever felt!

After his long flight, Kinder was pretty exhausted. So he joined Teddy Cat in the cat tree and soon fell fast asleep!

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