Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From Ohio to San Diego!

Theodore M. Bear here! Once again, as head of the bears, I'm honored to introduce the newest member of our family! Here's a little background story:

My mom LOVES the Internet! When used properly, it can bring tons of blessings to us. The bestest part of it is the friendships she's made with people literally all around the world!

One of my mom's favorite Web sites is This is a site where people from all over the world post pictures they've taken. The best part about this site is that she's met so many wonderful people who LOVE to take pictures of their bears and other stuffy friends (that's stuffy in a good way, of course!)

One of the photographers on the site actually makes and sells teddy bears. Her name is Christy and she lives all the way in Ohio! My mom and she have been corresponding and my mom has told me what an amazing lady she is! Every time they write back and forth, it's as though they've been friends for a long time. Christy's Web site is called "Craggy Moor". You can see pictures of all her wonderful creations. My mom fell in love with all of the babies but most especially Betsy! She decided that we would adopt her! How wonderful is that? So dear Christy put Betsy in a lovely, handmade sleeping bag with plenty of honey and sent her on a plane ride to San Diego!

When my mom saw Betsy, she was just thrilled! Christy is amazingly talented and you can tell that a lot of love went into Betsy. I have the feeling that Betsy won't be the last bear that my mom adopts from Christy! (wink!)

Today, my mom took Miss Betsy on her walk to Coronado (a lovely place to live but way out of our little family's price range!) Here are pictures of Betsy enjoying her new home in San Diego (please click on the pictures for a better view - the thumbnails aren't really able to do the beautiful day justice!)

Mom said that it was quite windy by the water today so Betsy's dress got a little blown.

Welcome to the family, Betsy! We are so happy to have you with us!

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  1. I saw your link and had to check it out right away! Oh, I love seeing Betsy on her first day out. (((You are so sweet Molly))) Thank you so much for your kind words~it does seem like we've known each other a long time already :0) I hope Betsy has a wonderful life in her precious new home.