Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Beary Quiet Saturday....A Blog By Sebastian

So my mommy was home alone today while Miss Sarah and Mr. Ryan worked on building sets for Miss Sarah's Drama class. I could see that she missed them both very much so I decided to keep her busy (and on her toes!)

Hmmm...let's go raid the refrigerator!

AHA! Just what I wanted - leftover Double Chocolate Bread Pudding from last night's "Mommy & Daddy Date Night"!

Mommy went to Costco and bought this just for me! Well, okay not exactly but..
Jeepers! It's almost as tall as me!

I love my honey!!

Mommy had a bountiful harvest from our garden so she decided to make salsa. Tomorrow we're going on a picnic with Mr. Ryan's homeschooled families so we're going to bring this along....

....that is, if there's any left after I get finished with it!

Mommy decided to go to Starbucks and it's a good thing she did! Look who she brought home!

I gave him a tour of the house and introduced him to our other friends here. While he loved having an endless supply of Frappuccinos where he lived before, he's VERY happy to now have a warm and loving home!

Off to see what more mischief I can cause - just to keep Mommy from not being lonely, of course!

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