Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sebastian Visits Balboa Park

Today we visited one of my mom's most favoritest places in San Diego - beautiful Balboa Park!

And we're off!

Another gorgeous day in San Diego - though my mom is soooo excited that it might rain this weekend. We haven't had measurable rain (that being at least 1/16 of an inch) in over four months and with our severe drought and threats of firestorms, we gladly welcome any rain we receive!

Here I am relaxing under a tree...

This is a Niki de Saint Phalle display outside the San Diego Hall of Champions building.

What's that I see?

It's LUIGI from one of my most favorite movies "Cars"!

This truck is waaay older than me!

Oooh I gotta watch where I sit!

This looks much safer!

Unfortunately, none of the houses in the House of Pacific Relations were open but that didn't stop me from checking out Scotland!

Our beautiful flag in front of the United Nations Building.

I met a new friend - say "hello" to Mr. Lion. He's been lying around here for a long, long time! (just a little bear humor (as bare as possible .. I crack myself up!)

Whew...need to take a little break. This is a lot of walking for a bear that's only 14" tall!

Maybe I'll hop aboard the park tram!

Appropriately enough, the San Diego Air and Space Museum sits right under the flight pattern for the San Diego International Airport. The planes drop down quite quickly as they prepare to land and the sight can be pretty amazing as they do so.

Look! Even more places to visit...but perhaps another day. I'm beary tired and need to go home and hibernate for a bit!

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  1. That sounded like a great trip!

    I love the movie Cars too! Did you hear that they're going to make another one?! My favorite character is Lighting McQueen!