Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lancelot Gets Glasses!

We were concerned about Lancelot's vision. He seemed to be squinting a lot as he read the chalkboard at school and as he read his books at home. Mom decided it was time to go to the eye doctor for an exam. Lancelot will explain what happened next.

We met with the eye doctor (an opthamologist is what he's called but that's a big word for a young teddy!) He sat me down in a big chair and looked way into my eyes.

Next he had me cover my eye and read the letters off an eye chart.

He said the letters were in no particular order and didn't make words but they seemed to speak to me!

I covered my left eye and tried to read the letters. I didn't do too well.

So the doctor wrote me a (another big word, let me see if I get it right...) prescription, yes, that's it! He said that the people who make glasses would understand all the numbers and scribbles. I tried on several pairs of glasses and ended up liking these ones! What do you all think?

And now I can read my favorite books without having to work so hard to see the letters. I LOVE my new glasses!


  1. You look very spiffy in your new glasses!

  2. Oh, Lancelot.. so happy you got glasses and can now read comfortably. You look very handsome, too! Good choice of frames. :-)