Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Mail From The U.K.!

"Special Delivery from the U.K.!" our letter carrier called out! Kinder was so excited that he ran out the door and jumped up to the mailbox.

I think I can get it mom!

Oh my goodness! Royal mail! We've never received royal mail before!

Kinder ran in and asked Lancelot if he could help him open and read the letter (Lancelot, being a bear with glasses, is often thought to be most intelligent.) Young Elmo bear, who was just spending the day rocking in his chair, was happy that he had a seat for the "Great Envelope Opening"! It seemed most appropriate to sit under the Christmas tree for this task.

Why it's not one but TWO beautiful cards from our friends on Flickr! It's from Five and all his friends and Gary and Vince too!! And what gorgeous hand made cards!! Elmo just loved the glittery poinsettias on the front of this one!

Someone is so very talented (we think perhaps it is Five - we must look for golden glitter all over him in his next picture on Flickr!)

Lancelot and Kinder read the sweet note inside: "To Molly and Family, Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Gary and Vince" Oh how thoughtful of these two wonderful friends! To take time out of their busy lives to send cards all the way from England to us! We're so very, very touched!

Look at this second card! Why it's Five and all of his friends on the front!

And inside it has all their names too!

Gary, Vince, Five, Jeremy and all the gang - on behalf of all the bears at Molly's house here in San Diego, we thank you so much for thinking of us and doing such a thoughtful thing! We shall keep the cards and think of you fondly!

Oh and after reading the cards, Elmo climbed the very tall ladder...

....and sat amongst the ornaments and thought of all his blessings! Thank you again!

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