Monday, December 14, 2009

My Latest Adventures!

Kinder the bear reporting in! I have been one busy bear recently! Let's catch up with my family and our latest adventures!

Mr. Ryan works a second job with home-schooled families. One of his wonderful families helped coordinate a bowling night at MCRD (the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, in beautiful San Diego.) I had never bowled before so I asked to come along! Miss Molly thought it was a fine idea but was a bit concerned about how a bear of my little size would hold the ball. I said that it would be no problem at all, not having ever seen a bowling ball in my life before. How big could it be?

Well, first my name was added to the magical machine that keeps score for all the bowlers (I'm the generic "Teddy" though of course that's not offensive at all. We're all proud to bear (ahem) the name "Teddy"!

The bowling alley staff thought that my paws would be just fine on the floor so they didn't require me to wear bowling shoes (those nice Marines!)

Ummm...this ball is waaay bigger than me and much bigger than I expected!!

Maybe I'll just watch and be the cheerleader! Watching bowling can be just as fun as playing!

On my next excursion, I went with my family to "Souplantation" which is an "all you can eat" soup and salad bar! This was how I started his meal. MMmmm...good!

My next adventure was to go to the "Great Train Expo" at the Del Mar Fairgrounds! It's a huge display of model trains, as well as people selling trains and all that go along with them.

It was a cold and rainy day (SEE! San Diego does have weather...sometimes...) The fairgrounds are all decked out with holiday lights. Mr. Don Diego was the official greeter at the Del Mar Fair. Even his statue had the Christmas spirit!

The clouds looked pretty dark!

I sat in front of the "Train Show" sign but as you can see from the pictures, it really does look like the "Rain Show"!

There were big huge puddles everywhere! I wanted to stomp in them but mom said she didn't have an extra set of clothes for me. Rats!

I did get to ride on the shuttle, which was lots of fun (and helped me avoid the puddles!)

Mr. Ryan is a member of the "Society of N Scale" trains at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park. The SONS as they are called, had an exhibit at the Expo so we were all able to get into the show for free!

I even got to wear this cool "Exhibitor" sticker!

There were trains of all sizes! Big ones...

And small ones....

And everything in between!

I look so big compared to these fun city streets.

Look how small these subway layouts are!

Everything looks so real!

There were lots of exhibits with trains running here and fro...

A very nice lady let me sit on the edge of her exhibit! I felt like King Kong compared to the little city!

It's fun to see all of the detail and hard work that these talented artists put into their display. Patience is definitely required!

Look at this amazing home decked out for Santa! I wish everyone could see it in bearson!

They had all sorts of tools to help with the hobby. One of my favorite items was the magnifying glasses!

Oh my, I'm huge!

Look at my big nose!

This would be a great Christmas present for Mr. Ryan!

After a while, I got tired of walking, so Miss Sarah agreed to give me a ride!

I had fun playing in the mirror!

Well, if you ever get to go to a train expo or even your local model railroad museum, I highly recommend it! You'll meet a lot of wonderful people committed to keeping the hobby going strong. Their commitment to the glory of the train days is something to be admired - and I do!

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